View from the Parapet

Title Date Published Publisher
View from the Parapet Live (Audio) April, 2000 Vacancy
The Sounds of Silence February, 1999 Conflicting Spectrums
Science Fiction Saved My Life January, 1999 Conflicting Spectrums
Approaching the Millenium December, 1998 Conflicting Spectrums
Print Publishing vs. Web Publishing November, 1998 Conflicting Spectrums
Speculative Fiction as Literature September, 1998 Exodus
Worldcon or Bust August, 1998 Exodus
It's Much Easier to Move Virtually July, 1998 Exodus
A Farewell to Dragonsclaw June, 1998 Dragonsclaw
Better Watch Out or the Goblins Will Getya May, 1998 Dragonsclaw
Doom Clone Rant May, 1998 Dragonsclaw
Absolute Magnitude April, 1998 Dragonsclaw
Adventures in Sword and Sorcery April, 1998 Dragonsclaw
Roleplaying Games March, 1998 Dragonsclaw
View from the Parapet March, 1998 Dragonsclaw

Ready and Quilling

Title Date Published Publisher
In the Beginning November, 2000 Easywriters
Reviewing the Review October, 2000 Easywriters
A Thousand Mile Journey Begins With… September, 2000 Easywriters
The Comma: Friend or Foe August, 2000 Easywriters
The Plot Sickens July, 2000 Easywriters
Repetitive Redundancies June, 2000 Easywriters
Your Head or Mine May, 2000 Easywriters
Dialogue Dos and Don'ts April, 2000 Easywriters
Egotism vs Insecurity March, 2000 Easywriters

Shattered Fragments

Title Date Published Publisher
How to Write a Bestseller August, 2003 Shattered Fragments Archive
A Fond Farewell May, 2002 The Wandering Troll
Hidden Themes in Science Fiction April, 2002 The Wandering Troll
A Conversation Between an Author and an Artist March, 2002 The Wandering Troll
Set Phasers on Pun February, 2002 The Wandering Troll
The Lord of the Rings January, 2002 The Wandering Troll
Just Another Casualty December, 2001 The Wandering Troll
A Bold Prediction November, 2001 The Wandering Troll
A Tribute October, 2001 The Wandering Troll
Virtual Renaissance Faire September, 2001 The Wandering Troll
The Best Science Fiction is not Science Fiction August, 2001 The Wandering Troll
Exploring Active Worlds July, 2001 The Wandering Troll
Fiction Writing 101: The Masochists Handbook June, 2001 The Wandering Troll
My Newest Reason for Reading Ebooks May, 2001 The Wandering Troll
Fantasy Faux Pas April, 2001 The Wandering Troll
The Impossible Dream March, 2001 The Wandering Troll
A Lesson in Contrast February, 2001 The Wandering Troll
December Madness January, 2001 The Wandering Troll
The Dream Realm Awards! December, 2000 The Wandering Troll
My Dreams Allow Me No Time To Sleep November, 2000 The Wandering Troll
Credit the Edit October, 2000 The Wandering Troll
Make a Statement--Read an Ebook September, 2000 The Wandering Troll
Alaric Swifthand August, 2000 The Wandering Troll
Saturn Rising July, 2000 The Wandering Troll
The Mainstream Myth June, 2000 The Wandering Troll
The Death of a Genre May, 2000 The Wandering Troll
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Sahara Ice

Title Date Published
The Construction Kit November, 2004
What Makes a Book? October, 2004
Censorship September, 2004
Diary of a Vacation August, 2004
Celebrating the Baker's Dozen July, 2004
It's All My Mother's Fault June, 2004
Seven Books Behind Me and I Still Can't Write May, 2004
On Greatness April, 2004
Introducing Me March, 2004
One Year and Counting January, 2004
A Writer's Guide to Nutrition October, 2003
The First Thing to Go September, 2003
Donald Sutherland and Ed Harris Together Again March, 2003
One Year and Counting January, 2003
A Matter of Timing November, 2002
The Aliens Have Landed August, 2002
Rhyme and Shadow June, 2002
Breaking New Ground May, 2002
Two Years and Counting April, 2002
Isolation March, 2002
The Seat of Power February, 2002
Shut Up and Watch January, 2002
Manipulating the Odds December, 2001
Life Behind the Cam October, 2001
A Writer's Lament September, 2001
Return to Gor July, 2001
The Lost Oasis June, 2001
Goodbye My Friend May, 2001
Who Am I Anyway? April, 2001
The Price of Satisfaction March, 2001
It's only a Movie February, 2001
The Point of Diminishing Returns January, 2001
A Day in the Life of a Writer December, 2000
The Big Move October, 2000
Drawing a Blank September, 2000
Sahara Ice August, 2000


Reflections of a Recovering Author

Title Date Published Publisher
How I Lost a Saturday August, 2003 Origami Salad
Reflections of a Recovering Author December, 2002 Origami Salad
Life Downunder October 27, 2003 Origami Salad


February 30th

Title Date Published Publisher
Do We Need to Change Our Copyright Laws? November, 2004 Blue Iris Journal
The Phoenix Has Nothing On Me May, 2004 Blue Iris Journal
A Day in the Life of… October, 2004 Blue Iris Journal
Reality TV July, 2004 Blue Iris Journal
I'm Not As Smart As I Used to Be September, 2004 Blue Iris Journal


A History of My Writing in Nauseating Detail

Title Date Published Publisher
A History of my Writing in Nauseating Detail Pt 1 November, 2004 Origami Salad