Articles and Essays

Title Date Published Publisher
You Don't Need to Buy This Book December, 2004 Double Dragon
Follow that Genre June, 2004 Eternal Night Chronciles
Sitting on the Shelf in a Borders December, 2003 The Writer's Life
The Truth about Lies (reprint) December, 2003 Grace Abraham
Why Read an Ebook June, 2001 The Chronicles Newsletter
Chicon 2000 September, 2000 SFSITE
Ignorance is Risk July 10, 2000 Jackhammer
Steve's Laws of Writing April, 2000 E2K
The Information Rage April, 2000 Jackhammer
I Thought I Felt Something February 14, 2000 Jackhammer
Strategies for Dealing with Depression December 6, 1999 Jackhammer
The Real Original Sin November, 15, 1999 Jackhammer
Writing the Duet October 18, 1999 Twilight Times
The Death of Deforest Kelley June, 1999 SFSITE
Stepfatherhood June, 1999 The Royal Scribe
The Truth About Lies February, 15, 1999 Jackhammer
The Many Faces of Fantasy February, 1999 Dowse Reviews
Fate Just Ain't What It Used to Be December 14, 1998 Jackhammer
Recognizing Intelligence November 16, 1998 Jackhammer
The Many Faces of Evil October 12, 1998 Jackhammer
Religion on the Net September, 14, 1998 Jackhammer
New Ageism: What is it Really? July 20, 1998 Jackhammer
The Other Science Fiction July 13, 1998 Jackhammer
Is Knowledge an End? July 6, 1998 Jackhammer
Eternal Life is Not For Me June 22, 1998 Jackhammer
All City Then June, 1998 Stress