Steve's articles have appeared in such ezines as Dragonsclaw, Exodus, Conflicting Spectrums, Jackhammer, Blue Iris Journal, Easywriters, The Wandering Troll Ezine and SFSite.

Over the years, Steve has not only written articles, but has had a number of regular columns as well.

"View From the Parapet" which appeared on Dragonsclaw, was the first. It later moved to Exodus and then stayed when Exodus became Conflicting Spectrums.

He also authored the "Ready and Quilling" column (Easywriters), "Shattered Fragments" (The Wandering Troll) and "Sahara Ice" (his personal favorite), which can still be seen in each issue of The Blue Iris Journal.

  • The Death of DeForest Kelley
  •       A heartfelt eulogy for the man who played Dr. McCoy on the original Star Trek.

  • The Many Faces of Fantasy
  •       Fantasy isn't just swords and sorcery. If you thought it was, this is the article for you.

  • Fate Just Ain't What It Used To Be
  •       An entertaining treatise that deals with the concepts of fate and destiny, what they are and what they aren't.

  • Sahara Ice
  •       The very first issue of Sahara Ice ever published, which introduces the column.

  • Sahara Ice Archive
  •       Archived early issues of Sahara Ice originally published in Blue Iris Journal

  • Sitting on the Shelf at a Borders (The Writer's Life)
  •       There are just so many books, and it's a long climb up the hill. Most books that go to brick and mortar stores end up being returned for credit, not sold. But there is another side to the story many don't consider.

  • Steve's Laws of Writing
  •       Imagine if Murphy, the infamous author of Murphy's Laws, applied that same logic to the world of writing. What would the new laws be like? How many of them have you experienced first hand? A must read for writers and a fascinating peek inside the world of professional publishing for those of you who must vicariously experience the myriad setbacks that arise all too frequently.

  • What is an eBook? An "e-Lips" Roundtable
  •       Want to know more about E-books? Read on.

  • Worldcon 2000 Report
  •       For those of you who've never been to a World Science Fiction Convention, the granddaddy of them all, here's a complete report on Worldcon 2000, held in Chicago. You can see some pictures of famous SF writers, and even a picture or two of Steve.

  • Writing the Duet
  •       When Jachkammer Ezine asked Steve to step in and fill in for someone who had backed out of a writer's duet, he was more than happy to help, though he'd never worked with another author before. In this insightful article, Steve shares what it was like to collaborate for the first time.

  • Origami Salad
  •       Sometimes life has a way of just happening to us. Well, that's always true, of course. Just sometimes, my life seems to be more happening than others. If you don't believe me, get a load of this.
  • New Sahara Ice - Fallen Angel Reviews

  • Dragon Tails
  •       Dragontails, the Double Dragon Newsletter, appears on the 1st and 15th of each month. When I took over the newsletter several months ago, I realized it was essentially a dry recitation of what was new. Very informative, but not very creative. Creativity being my middle name, I added the one thing I thought would make it interested... a dragon narrative. Of course, technically I don't really write the text, I merely translate into English for the Dragon-in-Charge. Hey, it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Click on link to subscribe.

  • Shattered Fragments Archive
  •       Seems that the same e-zines that ran my serials, also ended up offering me a column. So it was only a matter of time after The Wandering Troll published the first issue of Reflections of a Recovering Servant, that my monthly column Shattered Fragments appeared. This column, unlike most of my columns, was geared toward genre fiction and e-publishing. During my Shattered Fragments stint, I took on such topics as e-book readers, why editors are so important and my personal favorite, Fantasy Faux Pas, which is a list of things I never want to read again in a Fantasy novel. The only off-genre topic that appeared in Shattered Fragments was a Tribute to humanity, written after the World Trade Center attack. I lived in New York City at the time and the events of that day remain with me, even years later.
  • View from the Parapet Archive
  •       My first column, View from the Parapet, appeared on Dragonsclaw, while I was still writing The Adventures of Alaric Swifthand. Parapet later moved to Exodus and then to Conflicting Spectrums. All three incarnations are included here. Parapet was a forum for me to say pretty much anything I wanted about anything and I used it. The most personal column I ever wrote, Science Fiction Saved My Life, can be found in the Conflicting Spectrums section. Earlier issues tended to be more genre-related (or game-related, since Dragonsclaw was a gaming page). Later issues tended to be more philosophical.

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