Dream Sequence

Hey Everyone,

Once upon a time, I sold my writings. These were good days in a lot of ways, and not so good in other ways. As my writing evolved, so did my relationship with the business end of things. I spent more time promoting, dealing with publishers, illustrators and editors and working on websites. I had less and less time to write, and less and less enjoyment in the process of writing. Writing became a job.

I love writing. I love the English language. I love words in general. I love telling stories. What I don’t enjoy is everything else that goes along with being a professional author— so I decided to stop. I’m hoping that walking away from publishing will bring back the joy of creation I had once experienced.

Until that time, I have to make a decision what to do with the work I’d already produced. It took a long time to make this decision, during which time I’ve been at a standstill. Now the time has come to move forward. I’ve decided to give away all my old work. Just put it up on this website and let people enjoy it—no strings attached. Hopefully some of you will.

I’ll start with the short stories from my anthologies, some of my poetry and a selection of articles. Over time, I hope have all of it available to read, free of charge.

Several people have suggested that I should ask for a donation for doing this, but if I did that, it wouldn’t actually be free, and I’d end up back in the business of writing, something I’d rather leave behind.

Eventually, if I produce new work, I might start to sell again, but not through a publisher. Those days are behind me. I want to enjoy the process again. I want to experience the thrill of creation. I want to feel excited when I get a new idea.

I only hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I initially enjoyed creating it.

And feel free to drop me a line if you particularly liked something (or even if you didn’t).

Take it easy.